The main shopping area in Zakynthos Town is Alexandrou Roma.  This road has many fashion and jewellery stores plus some household and other various stores.  However, there are many other shops that can be found in the many surrounding streets.

DIY stores, hardware, furniture, electrical goods and household goods can be found on the main roads leading out of the main town. There are larger industrial unit type stores selling a diverse range of items.  What may seem to be quite a small store, can turn into an Aladdin's Cave' of very different items.  Don't be surprised to see a fashion shop in the middle of nowhere.  Although some places like garden centre's and the main motor dealers are close together, others are spread out.  Building yards are all over the island and so are agriculture shops, plumbing and heating, doors and windows and other such specialists.

For those with pets, and most expats have a pet or three, there are numerous places to buy food and all other pet products.  There are several vets, mostly around the main town.

For food shopping the biggest names here are Lidl and Spar (My Market) and they are the size of a very small UK town supermarket.  It is very hard to do your shopping in one store and for the imported items, the price and availability will vary, although things are getting better all the time.  The main large food stores are as follows:-

Lidl - located on the main road from Town to Keri, just past the airport road.  This store has been expanded and now has a bakery.

Express  - Located on the road connecting the two main roads out of town (near the large cemetery). There are also branches in Lagana, Tsilivi and a new Express Supermarket on the Road to Katastari, near the Water park.
Update  -  The newest Express is near Argassi - just a short distance along the road to Kalamaki from the main road to Argassi.  More new Express Supermarkets to come................

My Market - located on the main road out of town to Katastari by the traffic lights more commonly known as 'suicide junction'
There are two smaller Spar in the centre of the main town and a brand new one where Alpha P used to be just near the traffic lights and Next bowling alley on road to Keri.

AB - Located on the main road out of town to Katastari and another opposite Lidl. These two are very good for more unusual items, like fresh ginger, and English products.

There is a very small delicatessen located opposite the IKA building in Zakynthos Town this has a lot of imported items that you could not get in other places.  It is very small, easy to miss and fairly expensive.

For other British items there are local ex-pats that have vans that go to the UK, most of this is done by word of mouth or advertised on Facebook.

There is also normally a shopping trip to Ikea in Athens usually one before Christmas ans sometimes one in March, depending on interest.