Athens and Patra

All year round there is a bus service which runs between Zakynthos and Athens Bus Station.  It is a very cheap way to get to travel and is well used by all.  The bus uses the ferry to and from Kilini. Total travel time is about 6 hours (which includes the ferry crossing) and there is a 20 minute break about half way from Athens to Killini.  The coaches are quite up to date and comfortable. Once at Athens bus station there are regular buses to airport, departing right next to the Zakynthos Bus stand.  At the airport cheap flights are available via Easyjet and other airlines to all parts of the UK.

At the time of writing (March 2015), the bus to or from Athens is € 26.10 one way, plus the ferry costs € 7.50 one way.  The bus ticket is obtained at the bus ticket office and can be bought a few days in advance.

As well as the bus to Athens, daily buses run to Patra for shopping trips or other appointments at the hospital or clinics in the town.

There is a twice weekly bus to and from Thessaloniki.

For local and long distance bus services consult KTEL web site or obtain a bus table available in summer at hotels or in winter at the bus station.