VISIT THE GREEK EMBASSY  for Certificate to Import a Car

Before leaving UK, contact the Greek embassy in London. In 2004/2005 it was difficult to contact anyone as the phone was almost permanently engaged and when it was not there was a queuing system that never seemed to be answered. In 2015 there is an online form to apply for an appointment. A certificate of change of residence is required to import a vehicle and avoid paying the very high car tax. This car tax is referred to as registration tax or Special Car Tax. This proceedure is also used by Greek expats returning to Greece permanently.

This form is valid for 1 year but only for a month after the date that the car arrives in Greece. Careful planning is required as you will see further down.

Information is available on the Greek embassy web site, under certificates.

Documents required:

  • 2 years council tax bills
  • 1 utility bill
  • 3 years P60 & final P45
  • Passport (plus spouse’s passport). An entry is made in the passport. This is because only one car can be imported under this scheme. Spouse’s passport will also have the entry as only one car is allowed per family
  • Drivers Licence with computer print out section
  • Vehicle Registration Document. Car must have been owned for 6 months before importing into Greece to qualify for reduced tax.
  • Certificate of conformity. This document is issued by the car manufacturer. The writer already had this document as the car was a lefthand drive car imported from Belgium to the UK 6 months earlier. It describes the EU approval that the vehicle is built to, especially emission control. NON EU supplied cars will not have this certificate, so there is a place in Athens that can test the car and issue a certificate.
  • Approximate date of arrival in Greece