Greece has one of the highest accident rates in Europe and Zakynthos is high in the Greek lists. This seems to be due to lack of driver education, ignorance and lack of enforcement of rules. The varying standard of road surface also adds to problems. A very smooth stretch of road may have a huge pot hole which is difficult to see. Locals know these holes and swerve to avoid them. They are especially dangerous for motor cycles. Drinking and driving is a major factor in accidents late at night. It is said that a fair percentage of cars are not insured, taxed or MOT'd and many drivers have no licence. Exact figures unknown.


When moving here you may wish to bring your car, as Greece is in the EU this should be simple but as with most things, Greek bureaucracy always makes it difficult.  Look at the details on 'Importing a car'.

The easier way to own a car is to buy one here. There are always second hand cars for sale, especially ex-hire cars but finding what you really want may not be so easy.  Some people look on the mainland and say prices and choice is much better.

Many islanders choose to use scooters and motorcycles.  So this is always an option. 

There is also a bus service which serves most of the island. Buses to outlying villiages are rare and in the winter there are few buses to the bigger villiages. In summer there are much more frequent buses between the tourist resorts. There are also school buses from outlying villiages to the main town and sometimes they take non-school passengers.

The bus company has a website here: