Shopping on line is now very popular. A great way to get things you can't buy here delivered to your door.  However, this is Greece, and an island with no street addresses (outside the main town). Getting your favourite stores to deliver here can still be a problem and expensive.

In 2014, deliveries from the UK have been made more of a problem because Royal Mail have stopped using ELTA, the Greek postal service, and are using a courier. The courier system expects packages to have a telephone number, so that the driver can ask where your house is, or tell you to collect a parcel from the office.


There are generally no different rules for EU nationals to setup a business in Greece. For non-EU nationals there are different rules.

Some professions/trades require training and/or certifications. This would require speaking fluent Greek and extra training and examinations taken in Greece. Examples Doctor, Lawyer, Electrician, Massage.

In Zakynthos, we know of a German Doctor and Austrian Vet. There are hairdressers, retail businesses, real estate agents, property developers, property management companies, travel and tourist businesses. Many of these businesses are run by European's who are married to a Greek national and speak fluent Greek. There are also many more businesses in the tourist industry, mainly bars & restaurants.               

Shipping your Household Goods

When we decided that we were going to move abroad we arranged for several removal companies to come and give us estimates.  The prices varied greatly and so did the type of service they were offering.  Some companies would come in and wrap all the furniture ready for shipping, they would store items until you had a date for shipping to your destination.  Others you could wrap yourself but of course companies would not take any responsibility for damages.  When we were looking we could only find companies shipping via containers with a local company delivering and unloading at destination. We couldn't find anyone going overland and were told there was no one.  However, we now know that this is not true and there are a few companies offering an overland service.