Since 2008 mainly British residents have been producing and performing a pantomime every year.  The group, called ZAMDRAM, was founded by several friends in the Alykes/Alykanas area.  From small beginnings in 2008 the group has now around 40 members.  Membership is open to anyone who would either like to take part, help with costumes, scenery, lighting, music and any other area of performance or stage craft.  Members of the group also number people who have retired but just want to support the yearly panto and have a small influence on proceedings.  The first meeting or AGM is at the end of the summer season, usually the first week in November.  Script and cast are chosen before Christmas, rehearsals are from January and performances in March.  If you are interested in joining then contact us through facebook or this site.

The first performance in 2008 was Cinderella.  Money being very tight at this time most of the cost was funded by a weekly members subscription and a lot of donations from around the island.  Donations of paint and wood for scenery and fabric and old clothes for costumes.