During the summer season there is no lack of entertainment.  The main resorts, Alykes, Alykanas, Tsilivi, Lagana, Kalamaki & Argasi are full of bars, restaurants and clubs all offering everything from Bingo to Live Acts.  Also excursions around the island, boat trips, pony rides, bicycles for hire, cars, quads scooters and just about everything you expect from a holiday resort.  The summer season lasts from May to October although some places will not open until mid May and others especially in Lagana where there is a high volume of young people will close towards the end of September. However if you have chosen to visit the island in winter or become a permenant resident then.  What entertainment can you expect.  Quite a lot actually:-

Many bars and restaurants stay open for part or even the whole of winter.  Many are run by ex-pats and others by Greeks who have entertainment and open there bars for parties at Christmas, Easter, Carnival and private events.  The Cinema will be open all year in Solomos Square.  Bowling Alley and other entertainment in Town and Tsilivi.  The community as a whole offer other entertainment like Pantomime which you can join in with or just buy a ticket and be entertained.  Murder Mystery evenings, Z-Factor, Band Zaid, and other live entertainment events.  Carnival is celebrated towards the end of winter with parades and parties.  Some of the things I have mentioned you can find on this web site.  The winter is not only for relaxing but why not have a go at something new and meet new friends.