Zante is the more popular English name for the Ionian island of Zakynthos the third largest island in a chain of seven. They are located in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of Greece. Zakynthos is fast becoming, not only a popular holiday destination, but a haven for the retired, the sun seeker and those looking for a slower pace of life. The residents now number not only Zakynthian born Greeks but Greeks returning from America, Australia and other European countries, the English and other European nationals and even nationals from other far off locations. Greek is still the main language spoken but many islanders do speak English, so much communication between different nationalities is in English.

The island is approx 410²Km (158²miles ) with a coastline of approx. 123Km (76miles) The scenery is of rocky mountain coastline to the west, with caves and small coves.  On the East coast again to the north are caves and rugged coastline but also beautiful beaches, some hidden away with small roads leading down to hidden tavernas. Laganas bay to the south of the island is 5km of beautiful sandy beaches, clear water and also the nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead turtle, caretta caretta.

The Italian's referred to the island as ‘Fiore de la Levante’ the flower of the east.  The climate having much rain in the winter months, make it very green, giving way to many wild flowers in the spring.  April and May are perfect months for walking in the hills and mountain villages.  These months can be sunny and very warm.  The hottest time being July and August where temperatures can reach a sweltering 40ºC.

The island is rich in history, music and culture.  There are museums in the town, and some of the resorts, all giving a taste of the island.  Farming is the old way of life here and you can learn about how olive oil is made, the local cheeses and wines.  Carnival in the early spring is celebrated with many parties, traditions like jousting, dancing, parades, fireworks and much more.  Then there are the religious festivals Easter and the celebration of the islands Saint, St Dionysis. There is much more to the island than just a holiday resort.

This site is here to help if you are thinking of becoming one of the 40,000 population on this very beautiful island. We welcome all comments and experiences. We hasten to add that things can change very quickly and we will endeavour to keep the site up to date.

Shipwreck Beach